CSC Funk Band "Troll`s Soiree" 7 inch Vinyl

CSC Funk Band "Troll`s Soiree" 7 inch Vinyl

Vinyl - $5.94

Note: This troll likes to keep things plenty darn funky as the CSC Funk Band really let loose on the excellent "Troll's Soiree" a cool cut that has lots of sinister sharp angles and down-turned chords! There's a weird edge to the cut kind of like deep funk, moved into some weird psych territory as these little distorted bits keep threatening to come up from the background, and the horns almost have an out of tune, exotic sort of quality. The B-side offers up a darker dubbed out remix version of "A Troll's Soire by Mari Ayabe (Concent Recordings/DUB Nomads/Chimp Beams) and propels this haunting track into a cyber cop show film noir soundtrack from the future.

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Type: Music

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