Aesop Rock "Labor Days" 2X Vinyl LP

Aesop Rock "Labor Days" 2X Vinyl LP

For the first time since going out of print on vinyl, Aesop Rock's classic albums Labor Days (2001) & Bazooka Tooth (2003) are being re-issued in limited quantities. 

Track Listing:

1. Labor 
2. Daylight 
3. Save Yourself 
4. Flashflood 
5. No Regrets 
6. One Brick 
7. The Tugboat Complex Pt. 3 
8. Coma 
9. Battery 
10. Boombox 
11. Bent Life 
12. The Yes And The Y'All 
13. 9-5ers Anthem 
14. Shovel 

Type: Music

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