Edan "Echo Party Movie" DVD

Edan "Echo Party Movie" DVD


As if it were possible, Edan adds even further color to his newest release, Echo Party, with Edan's Echo Party Movie, an energetic visual expression of his music. Produced/directed by Tom Fitzgerald, Cut Chemist's go-to video man who works also for Cinefamily in L.A., Edan's Echo Party Movie is a fast-paced, retro conglomeration of unrelated and interesting video clips from the 60's, 70's and 80's that prove to be like a Sour Patch Kid for the eye. 


Cut in perfect harmony with Edan's music, the movie is an ideal synch for Echo Party's multi-elemental vibe where, using Traffic's extensive back catalogue of old school hip-hop, Edan mixes, reworks, and adds layers of his own instrumentation to create an eclectic blend of psychedlia and beats. 


The movie cuts in and out of old Indian/Bollywood films, spray painting graffiti artists, children operating computers, vintage ads, risqu cartoons, and everything in between. Set to debut officially at the WFMU Record Fair this October, Edan's Echo Party Movie is a trip you don't want to miss. 


Like the LP, each DVD cover is hand-stamped by the artist himself in one of five unique designs adding further to the artistic flair that could only be Edan's. Offered exclusively from the good folks here at Five Day Weekend, Edan's Echo Party Movie is a piece of musical artistry that should grace every music lover's collection.

Type: DVD

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