Freeway "Free At Last" Vinyl Lp

Freeway "Free At Last" Vinyl Lp

Vinyl - $9.60

Freeway has always been set-apart from other rappers, with his unique approach to tackling the subjects of street life. Freeway now comes even harder with his sophomore album

Track Listing;

  1. This Can't Be Real
  2. It's Over
  3. Still Got Love
  4. Roc-a-Fella Billionaires
  5. When They Remember
  6. Take It to the Top
  7. Spit That Sh*T
  8. Reppin' the Streets
  9. Free at Last
  10. Baby Don't Do It
  11. Nuttin' on Me
  12. Walk Wit Me
  13. Lights Get Low
  14. I Cry

Type: Music

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