Grieves "Together/Apart"

Grieves "Together/Apart"

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Limited custom printed dual CD/DVD case. With inserted lyrics, liner notes and bonus DVD. Together/Apart is the highly anticipated Rhymesayers debut album from Grieves. Teaming up with longtime friend and producer Budo, Together/Apart is an album infused with soulful horns, keys, and guitar. Lyrically, the album encompasses both the difficulties and joys of maintaining professional and personal relationships when on the road and back at home. 

Together/Apart, showcases the amazing growth of this dynamic artist on the verge. The initial pressing of Together/Apart will feature a bonus DVD entitled Present/Tense, a biography-style documentary giving listeners an inside look at what inspired Together/Apart, as well as live and behind the scenes footage.

Track Listing:
  1. Light Speed
  2. Bloody Poetry
  3. Falling From You
  4. On The Rocks
  5. Sunny Side Of Hell
  6. Tragic
  7. Boogie Man
  8. Pressure Cracks
  9. No Matter What
  10. Vice Grip
  11. Heartbreak Hotel
  12. Speak Easy
  13. Prize Fighter
  14. Wild Thing
  15. Growing Pains
  16. Against The Bottom

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