Evidence "The Purple Tape Instrumentals" CD

Evidence "The Purple Tape Instrumentals" CD

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So you like to freestyle huh!? Maybe you just like to kick it, zone out to some instrumentals and get your creation on.  Whatever it may be, Evidence's "The Purple Tape Instrumentals" will not dissapoint. 

Fresh off his critically acclaimed solo debut entitled "The Weatherman LP," Michael Perretta aka Evidence drops a new collection of instrumental bangers for the fans and beat-fiends. Being foremost acknowledged for his lyrical prowess, Ev has been supplying the underground with classic soundtracks on the down-low since the inception of his world-renowned group, Dilated Peoples. His production credits includes work for Beastie Boys, Linkin Park, High & Mighty, Swollen Members and a who's-who of West Coast all-stars including Rasco, Defari, Planet Asia and Aceyalone along with a co-production credit on the track "Last Call" from Kanye West's College Dropout album which earned Ev a Grammy. This new project called The Purple Tape Instrumentals compiles twenty tracks stamped with Evidence's raw signature sound. Following up 2003's The Yellow Tape Instrumentals and 2007's The Red Tape Instrumentals, the third release in the 'tape' series is sure to satisfy hungry rappers and Hip Hop addicts from all corners of the globe. Ev's momentum continues heavy this season with The Purple Tape Instrumentals so be on the look out, as everybody's checking for Evidence.


Track Listing:

  1. Take U Back
  2. Pest 
  3. Lost Cause
  4. I'M Like
  5. My Way 90291
  6. Uh Oh
  7. Shoot 1St
  8. 421
  9. Breakout
  10. Space Gorilla
  11. On Top 
  12. Darker Clouds
  13. Ev N' Al
  14. Bubbler
  15. Stomp
  16. Rtd
  17. Hour Glass
  18. Memories
  19. Stockhlom
  20. Wake Up 


Type: Music

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