Oddisee "Traveling Man" 2X Vinyl LP

Oddisee "Traveling Man" 2X Vinyl LP

Intrumental album from Oddisee, with each track inspired by and created in the city that bears its name. Following the global hype of their debut "In The Ruff", the Diamond District frontman brings the signature drums and crafty sampling that his fans have come to expect. On this instrumental trip around the world, Oddisee delivers in full force.

Track Listing:

  1. Goodbye D.C.
  2. NYC
  3. Paris
  4. Miami
  5. London
  6. Khartoum
  7. Sao Paulo
  8. Tokyo
  9. Brixton
  10. Lagos
  11. Long Beach
  12. Melbourne
  13. Boston
  14. Atlanta
  15. Philly
  16. San Fran
  17. Stockholm
  18. Inglewood
  19. South Central
  20. Detroit
  21. Chicago
  22. Las Vegas
  23. D.C.
  24. Houston

Type: Music

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