V/A "Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves from Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979"

V/A "Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves from Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979"

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota have long been recognized as great music towns. From the Andrews Sisters, to Bob Dylan, The Replacements, and Soul Asylum, the area has produced more than its share of influential artists. In 1979, Prince’s self-titled sophomore release drew attention the world over to the Twin Cities. Soon “The Minneapolis Sound” spread as other artists from the area began to build on the foundation laid by the purple one. For most, this is the genesis of funk and soul from The Land of 10,000 Lakes. However, the Twin Cities has a rich R&B history dating back decades before Prince’s rise to fame.


Twin Cities Funk and Soul: Lost R&B Grooves from Minneapolis/Saint Paul 1964-1979 is the first of its kind 21 track compilation uncovering and documenting this largely forgotten music. From sweet soul to full on dance floor funk, this record tells the story of the Twin Cities’ R&B scene starting with the days of unofficially segregated clubs right up to the explosion of “The Minneapolis Sound.”


Secret Stash Records has spent over a year painstakingly researching and interviewing musicians, photographers, club owners, writers and radio DJ's from the time to paint a picture and fill in the tales of yesteryear which are documented in a 32 page newspaper included with each 2xLP pressing. The newspaper its self is a nod to the region’s most trusted music rag of the era, The Insider. Lovingly hand assembled by a group of loyal volunteers with a keen attention to detail , each copy comes in a resealable dust bag and includes a free download of the entire album. Each CD pressing comes in a premium digipack and also includes extensive liner notes and photos.



1. The Valdons "All Day Long" 2:45

2. Maurice McKinnies & the Champions "Sock-A-Poo-Poo '69" (Part 1) 3:23

3. Jackie Harris & the Champions "Work Your Flapper" (Part 1) 2:52

4. Mojo and His Chi 4 "She's a Whole Lot's A Woman" 3:03

5. Dave Brady and the Stars "Ridin' High" 2:56

6. Wee Willie Walker "I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More" 2:31 

7. Wanda Davis "Save Me" 2:29

8. Jackie Harris & The Exciters "Get Funky, Sweet a Little Bit" 2:45

9. Wee Willie Walker "There Goes My Used to Be" 3:01

10. Wanda Davis "Take Care" 2:48

11. Maurice McKinnies & the Champions "Sweet Smell of Perfume" 2:40

12. Dave Brady & the Stars "Baby, Baby I Need You" 3:30

13. The Valdons "Love Me, Leave Me" 3:21

14. Willie and the Bees "Dipstick" 3:20

15. Morris Wilson "Rusty McDusty" 5:23

16. Band of Thieves "Thieves in the Funkhouse" 6:57

17. Prophets of Peace "You Can Be" 3:32

18. Morris Wilson "Saxaphone Disco" 3:40

19. Willie and the Bees "Honey from the Bee" 3:20

20. Prophets of Peace "The Maxx" 4:05

21. The Lewis Connection "Get Up" 6:55

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