Young Zee & Mr. Green "One Crazy Weekend" CD

Young Zee & Mr. Green "One Crazy Weekend" CD


Who is Young Zee? Most people probably remember Young Zee from albums like The Fugees: "The Score" (Cowboys), Eminem: "8 MIle" Soundtrack (That's my ***** Fo' Real), Masta Ace: "Disposable Arts" (Something's Wrong), Rah Digga: "Dirty Harriet" (!! Y'all *****z) Outsidaz: "Night LIfe" and "The Bricks", Redman: "Doc's Da Name" (Close Ya Doors) and more...

He also was a favored contender in HBO's Blaze Battle and, as a founding member of the Outsidaz crew he is a legend in his homestate of New Jersey. What's most exceptional about Zee and this album, is that although his credential sheet is a mile long, "One Crazy Weekend" will mark his first official album release.

How did this album come together? 
Shortly after the two met through Pace Won, Zee came over to Green's house and recorded 
8 songs in a single weekend. "He came by with a couple rhyme books and we laid five songs down the first day, and they were all fresh. The next day we recorded three more that were even better¦ at that point I knew we were onto something special. What's crazy is we were partying the whole time we made the music. You can feel it when you listen to the album... it's got a crazy vibe." 

Track Listing:

  1. Throw Your Hands Up
  2. Those Dayz
  3. Chillin with the Kids
  4. I Love It
  5. Hahahahaha
  6. Ooh I'm Telling
  7. Never Ever
  8. Weird
  9. Hometown
  10. Number One Fan
  11. If I Only Had a Brain
  12. Stretch and Bobbito Freestyle

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