Semi.Official "The Anti-Album" + MP3

Semi.Official "The Anti-Album" + MP3

CD - $9.99
2X VINYL LP - $15.99

Semi.Official is the brainchild of I Self Divine of the Micranots and DJ Abilities of Eyedea & Abilities fame. Straight off the success of their debut 12inch Crime, Semi.Official has delivered one of the rawest Hip Hop records to come along in a while. The Anti-Album is a journey back to Hip Hop's pure and uncut heyday when everything was raw and gritty, the beats, the lyrics and the cuts. Distinctive samples, heavy drums, raw lyrics and intricate scratching, this is the Semi.Official way.

Track Listing:

1. Semi.Official?
2. Grey
3. Songs In The Key Of Tryfe
4. Styfle Progression
5. Transitions
6. Systems Goe
7. Hit The Deck
8. Police Assassination Anthem
9. Crime
10. Stand On Ya Square
11. Get Up
12. Live & Direct
13. Invisible Princess
14. Hurt Ya Feelings
15. Nocturnal Terrorist Squad
  a. First Step Forward
  b. Aerosolix Killz Braincells
  c. 10 Writing Commandments
16. Wishing For A Miracle
17. I94W

Type: Music

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