3rd Bass "The Cactus Al/bum" Vinyl LP

3rd Bass "The Cactus Al/bum" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99

The Cactus Al/bum (also known as The Cactus Cee/D and The Cactus Cas/Ette depending on release format) is the debut album by hip-hop trio 3rd Bass, released on Def Jam Recordings in 1989.


1."Stymie's Theme"
2."Sons of 3rd Bass"
3."Russell Rush"
4."The Gas Face" (Berrin/Dumile/Nash/Prince Paul)
5."Monte Hall"
6."Oval Office" (Berrin/Nash/Sadler/Shocklee/Shocklee)
8."Soul in the Hole"  
9."Triple Stage Darkness"  
10."M.C. Disagree"  
11."Wordz of Wisdom"
12."Product of the Environment"  
13."Desert Boots"  
14."The Cactus"
15."Jim Backus"  
16."Flippin' off the Wall Like Lucy Ball"
17."Brooklyn-Queens" (Berrin/Nash/Prince Paul)
18."Steppin' to the A.M." (Berrin/Nash/Sadler/Shocklee/Shocklee)
19."Episode #3"  
20."Who's on Third"  
21."Wordz of Wisdom (Remix)"  

Type: Music

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