Adrian Younge "Venice Dawn Something About April" CD

Adrian Younge "Venice Dawn Something About April" CD

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Adrian Younge is the next generation of soul music. A self-taught musician and recording engineer who has dedicated his life to the study of classic soul music, Younge finds himself at the center of a new soul renaissance with a vision for pushing the boundaries of the music itself. For his current solo project, Younge envisioned a new sound that would revisit his earlier, more baroque instrumental work of Venice Dawn and mesh it with the deep, gritty soul of Black Dynamite, eventually deciding to bring everything full circle by releasing the material under the moniker Venice Dawn. This new LP, titled Something About April, is a heavy, dark mix of psychedelic soul and cinematic instrumentals with hip-hop aesthetics, touching on influences from Morricone to King Crimson, Portishead to the Flamingos, Wu-Tang to Otis Redding.

Track Listing:

1. Turn Down the Sound

2. Its Me

3. Anna May

4. Two Hearts Combine

5. Thunderstrike

6. Reverie

7. First Step to the Moon

8. Dusts of Gold

9. Midnight Blue

10. Lovely Lady

11. Sound of a Man

12. Sirens

13. Mourning Melodies in Rhapsody

14. Something About April 

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