Apathy "The Alien Tongue" CD

Apathy "The Alien Tongue" CD

After the much successful fanfare of Apathy's "Honkey Kong" full length from last year, the Demigodz leader and Army of the Pharaohs soldier delivers a very special release. This album compiles some of Apathy's earliest demo recordings from as far back as 1994 up until 1998. Transferred from cassettes and ADAT studio tapes, these songs represent his early to late teen years, as well as Eternia's first recordings ever. "The Alien Tongue" is a title that takes you on a journey thru the 90's era of Apathy, fresh into his early association with Jedi Mind Tricks, as this was around the same time he was recording for their debut album, "The Psycho Social..." Also included are some of the first beats Ap ever produced, made on an old school Ensoniq ASR-10. This release gives fans a great insight into the mind of a young Apathy and a spotlight on the beginnings of what would become a highly respected legacy. 

Track Listing;

  1. Galaxy Rays (feat. Open Mic) 1994 
  2. Mic Warz (feat. Naptron, Open Mic & Eternia) 1997 
  3. Alien Invasion (feat. Open Mic & Naptron) 1997 
  4. Dark Holy Chronicles (feat. Open Mic & Naptron) 1997 
  5. Mentalogical (feat. Eternia & Open Mic) 1997 
  6. East Coast Stompin (feat. Dallas & K-Squared) 1996 
  7. Lyrical Terrorist (feat. Louie Montalvo & Mr. Mayday) 1995 
  8. The Chosen (feat. Dark Seid & Eternia) 1997 
  9. The Big Hurt [Unreleased Demo Version] (feat. Punchline, Wordsworth, AL, Wiseguy & Gaston) 1997 
  10. Voices In My Head (feat. Eternia) 1997 
  11. We Get Down [Unreleased Demo Version] 1997 
  12. Adam & Eve (feat. Eternia) 1997 
  13. Fire In The Sky 1997 
  14. Head Nod Body Move (feat. Open Mic) 1998 
  15. Tell Me Why (feat. Open Mic) 1998 
  16. Triumph Freestyle (feat. Eternia) 1997 
  17. Enemy #1 Freestyle (feat. Eternia) 1997
  18. Last Days Freestyle 1997 
  19. Open Mic [Unreleased Instrumental] 1999 
  20. Secret Society [Unreleased Instrumental] 1998 
  21. A Real Emcee [Unreleased Instrumental] 1998 
  22. Study In Secrecy [Unreleased Instrumental] 1996 
  23. Launch [Unreleased Instrumental] 1998 
  24. The Alien Tongue [Unreleased Instrumental] 1996 
  25. Nights Like These[Unreleased Instrumental] 1996 
  26. Meanwhile On Mount Olympus [Unreleased Instrumental] 1997

Type: Music

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