Bio Ritmo "La Verdad" CD

Bio Ritmo "La Verdad" CD

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This is salsa, though with a difference. The instruments are the same, the rhythms the same, but theres a difference in the attitude and confidence. Its clear that Bio-Ritmo are taking salsa in a new direction. Opening track La Verdad is a six and a half minute indication of whats to come. All starts relatively straightforward and salsa-like, albeit with a funk wah-wah riff leading the way, but then something magical happens, tropical horns and an organ suddenly battle it out before a short bridge dominated by a hallucinatory keyboard pattern shifts the song somewhere else entirely for just a few seconds. Then the original riff comes back, though this time the guitar has been replaced by a Brazilian cuca, and a call-and-response routine between horns and vocals are now getting all the attention, and theres still two minutes to go. As an introduction to what Bio-Ritmo are capable of it doesnt really get much better than the title track except it does. Dinas Mambo is seriously funky with a series of highly percussive horn and organ jabs punctuating an incessant groove, one that slips between bombast and quietude yet always remaining delightfully, danceably sublime.

Track Listing:

  1. La Verdad
  2. Dina's Mambo
  3. La Muralla
  4. Carnvaval
  5. Verguenza
  6. Majadero
  7. Caravana Del Vejigante
  8. Lola's Dilemma

Type: Music

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