Blueprint “Vigilante Genesis” Vinyl EP (Produced by Aesop Rock)

Blueprint “Vigilante Genesis” Vinyl EP (Produced by Aesop Rock)

Vinyl LP - $16.99

With his eleventh studio album, the Vigilante Genesis EP, critically acclaimed mc/producer Blueprint decided to turn the production reins over to his friend and frequent collaborator Aesop Rock, so he can focus on something that’s considered a lost art–storytelling.   The end result is the creation of a story that is as engaging as any television min-series, as action packed as any graphic novel, and as music as any hip-hop album you’ve ever heard. 


1. Vigilante Genesis
2. Not Sure Why I Came Back
3. Graffiti Writer Killed
4. Tears of A Drone
5. Corner Store Showdown
6. The Watering Hole
7. Ten Paces
8. Vigilante Genesis (instrumental)
9. Not Sure Why I Came Back (instrumental)
10. Graffiti Writer Killed (instrumental)
11. Tears of A Drone (instrumental)
12. Corner Store Showdown (instrumental)
13. The Watering Hole (instrumental)
14. Ten Paces (instrumental)



Type: Music

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