Boog Brown "The Brown Study Remixes" CD

Boog Brown "The Brown Study Remixes" CD

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Continuing to work her debut project, Brown Study, Boog Brown has brought in some of the best producers in Hip-Hop to remix her debut album including Georgia Anne Muldrow (producer for Erykah Badu, Mos Def), and 14 KT (Red Bull Big Tune Champion 2010), as well as an all new music with Apollo Brown. The album went through numerous incarnations looking for the perfect sound that would stand alone as a complete album, something that 6 months later Boog has accomplished. She also enlisted fellow Atlanta artist Craig Flux Singleton to create new cover art.

Track Listing:

  1. Shine (Nick Tha 1Da Remix) (Produced By: Nick Tha 1Da)
  2. UPS (Dunc of DTMD Remix) (Produced By: Dunc (of DTMD))
  3. My Love (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix) (Produced By: Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  4. Blink (Def Dee Remix) (Produced By: Def Dee)
  5. Friction (MarvWon Remix) featuring MarvWon; DJ Soko (of The Left) (Produced By: MarvWon)
  6. Growth (14KT Remix) (Produced By: 14KT (of Athletic Mic League))
  7. Detroit (Produced By: Apollo Brown)
  8. Friends Like These (Amdex Remix) featuring Kam Moye (aka Supastition) (Produced By: Amdex)
  9. Master Plan (illastrate Remix) (Produced By: illastrate)
  10. Understanding (Audible Doctor Remix) (Produced By: Audible Doctor)
  11. Marinate (Has-Lo Remix) (Produced By: Has-Lo).

Type: Music

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