Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded" CD [Gold Disc]

Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded" CD [Gold Disc]

CD - $17.99

Though never official certified gold, this edition of Boogie Down Productions landmark release is gold ! For the first time ever "Criminal Minded" is available as a deluxe gold disc offering. One of the most influential and original albums in music history, "Criminal Minded" has been called one of the Top 500 albums ever by Rolling Stone and one of the greatest recordings of the 20th century by Vibe, who also slotted the record at Number 3 on their list of the top 10 Hip Hop albums of all time. "Criminal Minded" makes history once again with this deluxe gold disc treatment. KRS-ONE's combination of street slang and Webster's dictionary knowledge backed by Scott La Rock s hard hitting, minimal beats help set this album apart when it was originally released in 1986 and has stood the test of time in a way few records, regardless of genre, ever have. A true classic, "Criminal Minded" simultaneously set the template for gangsta rap and conscious hip hop (no small feat). "Criminal Minded" elevated the standards to a new level. The first ever gold disc offering of this seminal recording raises the bar even further. What was fresh for '86 is fresh for 2012!



1. Poetry

2. South Bronx

3. 9mm Goes Bang

4. Word From Our Sponsor

5. Elementary

6. Dope Beat

7. Remix for P is Free

8. The Bridge is Over

9. Super Hoe

10. Criminal Minded


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