Cash Money & Marvelous "Where's The Party At?" CD

Cash Money & Marvelous "Where's The Party At?" CD

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Along with DJ Jazzy Jeff (of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince fame), DJ Cash Money was one of the incredibly skilled DJ's to come out of Philly in the late 80's. Teaming up with Marvelous Marv, "Where's The Party At?" was released, the title being the result of Cash Money winning several turntable competitions and looking to celebrate. With their widely popular single, "Play It Kool" backed with "Ugly People Be Quiet", the duo came out of nowhere and won over audiences with raw skill and well-received humor in their music. By the late 80s, DJ Cash Money had won the DJ World Championship and had been named The Greatest DJ in the World. In 1998, Technics made Cash Money the first inductee into the DJ Hall of Fame.


  1. Find An Ugly Woman
  2. Play It Kool
  3. Is It Real
  4. Time Is Up
  5. A Real Mutha For Ya
  6. Marvelous' Drawers
  7. Ugly People Be Quiet (Remix)
  8. Ugly People Be Quiet
  9. The Mighty Hard Rocker
  10. Who's In The Place
  11. Where's The Party At
  12. All About Partyin'
  13. The Music Maker

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