Chief Kamachi "Concrete Gospel" CD

Chief Kamachi "Concrete Gospel" CD

CD - $12.99

An original member of the underground supergroup Army of the Pharaohs (anchored by Jedi Mind Tricks' Vinnie Paz), Chief Kamachi has been a staple in the underground hip-hop circuit since 1998, having released a steady barrage of 12"s as well as 2004's critically acclaimed debut album Cult Status. Throughout the years, Kamachi has appeared on over 30 international releases, sharing company with such indie and mainstream stalwarts as The Roots, D.I.T.C., Gang Starr, Jedi Mind Tricks and many more.??With a recent high profile appearance on Army of the Pharaohs? debut album The Torture Papers, Chief Kamachi unveils his sophomore album, Concrete Gospel, to heightened anticipation and critical fanfare within the underground hip-hop community.


  1. The Gospel
  2. 24th Elder
  3. Jim Kelly
  4. Death Choir
  5. Love 4 the Craft
  6. No Me Now
  7. U Cry
  8. 777
  9. Little African Boy
  10. Scattered Sermons
  11. Holy Rollers
  12. Kamachi
  13. We Still Searching

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