D.A.P.O. "Public Assisstance" CD

D.A.P.O. "Public Assisstance" CD

CD - $12.99
D.A.P.O. = Department Appointed Public Officials! St. Paul Hip Hop at it's finest featuring veteran emcee's Gene Poole and Lance! Originally released in 2003.

Track Listing;

1. Watching U
2. We Got The Good Good
3. We Got To Have This
4. Can't Forget Sess (R.I.P)
5. When I Am Gone
6. Fake Hoes
7. Subcommunication
8. Nuttin' Like Hip-hop
9. Styles
10. Game Recognize Game
11. State To State Killer
12. Real Life Pimp
13. We Run This
14. Dime "O" Dozen
15. Shit Ain't Changed
16. Trouble

Type: Music

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