Desdamona "Inkling" CD

Desdamona "Inkling" CD

CD - $9.99

Desdamona's latest release, "Inkling" is a collection of poetry/spoken word spanning the years 1997-2008. This project is unlike her previous offerings in that there is no musical accompaniment except for one experimental track (track 16) that uses breath and other sounds as a sounscape behind the poem, "Rhythm's Heart".

Track Listing: 

  1. Imagine
  2. Write With the Moon
  3. This is a Poetry Reading
  4. Don't Listen to the Lyrics
  5. We Will Always B
  6. That's Me Inside
  7. Too Big for My Skin
  8. R.hythm A.nd P.oetry
  9. Kick One
  10. Up
  11. For Sarith
  12. Miss America
  13. Metropolis
  14. Love at First Write (That Shit He Say)
  15. A Small Liberation
  16. Rhythm's Heart

Type: Music

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