Desdamona "The Source" CD

Desdamona "The Source" CD

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In her follow up to The Ledge, Desdamona is sure to shock many fans with the diverse offerings, and may just redefine that oft used term “triple-threat artist”. Traveling seamlessly between spitting vicious rhymes, singing melodious hooks or entire songs, or taking you on a journey as she effortlessly streams a thought provoking poem, it will amaze the listener that all that talent is coming from a sole artist. Desdamona also played a big part in the creation of The Source, co-producing 11 tracks on the album. On the cd’s opening track “Infinity”, Des teams with beatboxer Carnage for a high energy introduction, “Infinity, Infinite-I, when I die, they gonna call me the light, from the way that I do, to the things that I write, the legacy I leave is bright, right?”


Track Listing: 

  1. Infinity (Ill Chemistry)
  2. The Source
  3. Refracted Light
  4. Too Big For My Skin
  5. Orange & Blue
  6. Mellow Blue
  7. What I Might Say (Ill Chemistry)2:38Album Only
  8. Planetarium - The Satellite
  9. Triple Goddess
  10. Faulty Fuses - Tripped
  11. Miss America
  12. Hymn of the Human Spirit
  13. The Source (Sly & Robbie Remix)
  14. Orange & Blue (Sly & Robbie Remix)
  15. Infinity Remix

Type: Music

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