Dilated Peoples "The Release Party" CD + DVD

Dilated Peoples "The Release Party" CD + DVD

CD - $11.99

Nearly 10 years in the making, longtime friend and collaborator Jason Goldwatch documents the tumultuous struggle of the music industry through the eyes of Dilated Peoples. The feature film explores the avenues of their ride from independence, to signing a deal with Capitol Records, and their subsequent release back to the freedom that propelled them into the limelight initially. A bonus CD is included featuring new and remixed tracks, previously unreleased.


Track Listing:

Disc 1


Disc 2

  1. The Release Party 
  2. Spit It Clearly (feat. The Alchemist) 
  3. Mr. Slow Flow (Remix) (feat. PMD)
  4. Expansion Team Soundsystem (DJ Babu & Rakaa) 
  5. Olde English (Remix) (feat. Defari)
  6. Hot And Cold (Remix) (feat. Casual) 
  7. Eyes Have It (Remix)

Type: DVD

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