Greg Grease "Cornbread, Pearl & G" CD

Greg Grease "Cornbread, Pearl & G" CD


As Minneapolis hip-hop enters a new era, younger artist like Greg Grease represent a new spirit. A representative of the city's energetic youth culture with a collective of artist, producers, musicians who throw parties around town. Influenced by early J Dilla, and Native Tongues as much as his fathers early hip-hop collection. With a venerable appetite for filmmaking/video directing, particularity through the lens of the early work of Spike Lee films & skateboarding culture. Cornbread, Pearl & G is loaded with progressive, modern lyrics that reflect reality based love for his people and the message of the struggle, all while he's still smiling and partying. Cornbread, Pearl & G  is named after the 1975 black drama Cornbread Earl & Me about a young mans struggle to handle the death of his friend by the police, starring a very young Laurence Fishburne. That sense of purpose and search for understanding can be heard throughout Cornbread, Pearl & G. 

Slug of Atmosphere says “that dude Greg Grease continues to craft quality”.    



01 Pressure

02 C.R.E.A.M Dreams

03 Death Ballad

04 I Still Love H.E.R Ft. Lizzo

05 We People

06 Summer Saturdays

07 Cliches Ft. Proper-T

08 Flute Beat

09 Harvest Ft. Meta

10 Conflict of Consequence

11 Interlude

12 Do It To The Death Ft. IBE

13 True Love?

14 Interlude

15 Warm-ups Ft. DJ Just Nine

16 City Life Ft. Ak Rite & IBE (TUSS)

Type: Music

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