Ill Chemistry "S/T" CD

Ill Chemistry "S/T" CD

CD - $13.99

Ill Chemistry is a two-person spoken word/beatboxing/hip hop group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The group consists of Carnage the Executioner and Desdamona.

Track Listing:

  1.  Illchemy
  2.  Love At First Write
  3.  Phenom-a-Mama
  4.  Hold On
  5.  Tahrir Square Everywhere (feat. Mohamed Abozekry)
  6.  Hustle the Struggle
  7.  If Only You Knew
  8.  State of Affairs
  9.  Mush
  10. Antarctica (feat. Francois Corneloup)
  11. Resuscitate
  12. Underground

Type: Music

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