Labtekwon "Song of the Sovereign" CD

Labtekwon "Song of the Sovereign" CD

CD - $12.99
Mush, in conjunction with Ankh Ba Records, has collected seventeen tracks from Labtekwon's extensive catalog for the career retrospective, Song Of The Sovereign. From his debut, Ghetto Gospel through The Future's Now... What's Next, Da Dawn, Da Helpless Won, Balti-Moorish Science, and Nile Child, to his lo-fi live recording Proverbs of Passion, and his most recent full-length, The Last Emcee/The Art of Love, Labtek's releases have been as innovative as they are impossible to find. Effortlessly shifting styles and content, running from hundreds-of-words-in-a-breath stream-of-consciousness channeling to take-no-prisoner battle raps, Song Of The Sovereign is the perfect introduction to one of the underground's most respected and influential emcees.

Track Listing;

  1. Aten (The God Is Love)
  2. Culture
  3. Speak on It
  4. My Crew
  5. Perversion
  6. Big Kid
  7. CSD
  8. The Last Emcee
  9. Darkside of the Sun
  10. Perspective
  11. Overlord
  12. King of Kings
  13. No Time to Chill
  14. Modern Day Messenger
  15. The Art of Love
  16. Bubble Bath
  17. I Am Here

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