Last Of The Record Buyers "Collaboration's The Key" CD

Last Of The Record Buyers "Collaboration's The Key" CD

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Description: Last Of The Record Buyers Is a Producer based event created by Kevin Beacham (Fifth Element/Rhymesayers) and Brandon Allday (Big Quarters). After 5 years of hosting a series of production events at various locations including Scribble Jam, Soundset, Dinkytowner, Institute Of Production & Recording, and Fifth Element, they are now excited to announce their first compilation, "Collaboration's The Key". Kevin and Brandon reached out to a wide range of Producers, MCs, and DJs to come out with 21 unique collaborations. In most all of the cases Kevin Beacham and Brandon Allday connected the artists together in an attempt to get people to work with artists they had never connected with, creating unique opportunities. The result is an impressive collection of songs ranging from boom-bap hip hop, conceptual wordplay, soulful r&b, human beatbox, abstract stylings, conscious thought, turntablism, human beatboxing, and more! Includes artist representation from Twin Cities, LA, Chicago, Sweden, South Africa, Oakland, Orlando, Madison, Brooklyn, Seattle, Philly, Atlanta, Columbus, and NYC!!! This CD is available exclusively thru Fifth Element (In-store and Online) and limited to just 500 Copies!!! Don't sleep... 



1)Plain Ole Bill featuring DJ Name (Wide Eyes)-Input

2)Primecut featuring Masai Bey & Open Mike Eagle-Dig Days

3)Optiks featuring Murdoc & Chief Kamachi-The Real

4)Stefon BIONIK Taylor featuring Mr Gene Poole & DisputeOne-Raw Energy

5)DJ Todda featuring I.B.E-I Just Wanna Know

6)GMO featuring Longshot-Fruits Of Labor

7)Definition Baroque featuring Jbux-Free Pen

8)JEL featuring Swam (Solillaquists Of Sound), NoCanDo, & X:144-Gun Em Down

9)X:144 featuring MaLLy & Scheme, & DJ SPS-Pre-War Requisite (Sacred Art)

10)Dimitry Killstorm featuring DJ Snuggles-SnuggleStorm

11)Bobby Raps & Medium Zach featuring Big Quarters-Best Case Scenario 

12)O-D featuring K Raydio-It Will Be

13)Katrah-Quey featuring Greg Grease-Dance In The Morning

14)Benzilla featuring Midwest Konnect-The Plague

15)DJ Pain 1 featuring I-20 & Joshua Gunn-Mean

16)King Otto featuring Silas Blak-Rap Miranda

17)Julian Fairbanks (Audio Perm) featuring Sean Anonymous (Wide Eyes)-Seat's Taken

18)Blockhead featuring Illogic-Cherry Moon

19)Cecil Otter featuring Illustrate (Grey Matter)-Cool Runnings 

20)Mike Swoop featuring So-Leen-Come Closer 

21)DJ Kool Akiem Featuring Jimmy TwoTimes & Noam The Drummer-Output

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