Mankwe "Science and Spirit" CD

Mankwe "Science and Spirit" CD

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After more than a decade as a mainstay of the Twin Cities music and performance scene, Mankwe is releasing a new album, Science and Spirit. 

From the touring atmosphere of "Find My Own" to the soulful minimalist preachin' of "Penny Saver". Science and Spirit pulls us between analog and digital worlds - takes us as spirits through the machine...asking us to be our whole selves and to shape the future from this wholeness. A collaboration with MC/Producer Medium Zach of the Hip Hop Duo Big Quarters, the album is full of songs of transition, technology and transformation, personal and political, both inside and out.

Track Listing:

  1. Beginning To
  2. Find My Own
  3. Smile
  4. Henrietta Goes Electric
  5. She's Gone
  6. Come Closer
  7. No Predictions
  8. Discarded
  9. The Rapids
  10. Careful
  11. Screen Lover
  12. Penny Saver

Type: Music

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