M.o.p. "Foundation" CD

M.o.p. "Foundation" CD

CD - $16.99

2009 release. Brooklyn's very own M.O.P. returns for the first time in eight years with Foundation, a brand new studio album. Bringing it back to the street grit their hardcore fans are accustomed to, the album's first single will be 'Blow The Horns' (featuring Busta Rhymes). - Amazon.com

Track Listing;

  1. I'm a Brownsvillain
  2. Blow the Horns
  3. What I Wanna Be
  4. Foundation
  5. Stop Pushin'
  6. Crazy
  7. Street Life
  8. Forever and Always
  9. Rude Bastard
  10. Brooklyn
  11. Bang Time
  12. Sharks in the Water
  13. Riding Through
  14. Salute a G

Type: Music

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