Mykestro "Set Precedent" 12 Inch Vinyl

Mykestro "Set Precedent" 12 Inch Vinyl

Vinyl - $12.99

Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP

Despite the tough odds, one artist in particular has managed to rise above the current repetitive musical climate and shed light on true talent with his mixture of intricate wordplay, real life-subject matter and an appreciation for music as an art form. Mykestro, the younger brother of producer-extraordinaire DJ Battlecat, is ready to bring his brand of “reality raps” to the forefront. Born and raised throughout Los Angeles’ various inner city neighborhoods, Mykestro not only faced the everyday challenges of violence and adversity as a man, but also had to overcome being a rapper that didn’t fit into the stereotypical lowriders & bandanas persona associated with the West Coast. His determination to succeed musically while staying true to his own style has led to a reputation as being one of the most lyrical artists to ever come from Los Angeles.

Track Listing:

1. Set Precedent (LA Gee-Mix)

2. Set Precedent (Las Vegas Gee-Mix)

3. Set Precedent (Oakland Gee-Mix)

4. Set Precedent (Detroit Gee-Mix)


1. Set Precedent (LA Gee-Mix Instrumental)

2. Set Precedent (Las Vegas Gee-Mix Instrumental)

3. Set Precedent (Oakland Gee-Mix Instrumental)

4. Set Precedent (Detroit Gee-Mix Instrumental)

Type: Music

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