Paul White "Rapping With Paul White" CD

Paul White "Rapping With Paul White" CD

CD - $12.59

We don't know where we're going but we sure make a lot of noise getting there! - so goes the tongue-in-cheek opening to Rapping With Paul White, the gifted South Londoner's first full-length vocal project. It's another left turn after last year's intriguing Paul White & The Purple Brain excursion into prog and psych-rock and deserves to establish its mastermind as one of the most versatile and individual producers working today. 


  1. Intro: We Make A Lot Of Noise
  2. Right On
  3. Trust featuring Guilty Simpson
  4. Run Shit featuring Marv Won
  5. One Of Life's Pleasures featuring Danny Brown
  6. The Doldrums
  7. Life Is Flashing Interlude
  8. Stampeding Elephants featuring Moe Pope
  9. Rotten Apples featuring Tranqill
  10. Thirty Days
  11. A Weird Day featuring Homeboy Sandman
  12. African New Wave
  13. Indigo Glow featuring Jehst
  14. Dirty Slang featuring Guilty Simpson
  15. A New Way
  16. Evasive Action
  17. Wily Walruses featuring Nancy Elizabeth
  18. Outro: We'll Never End

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