Poor Righteous Teachers " Rare And Unreleased" CD

Poor Righteous Teachers " Rare And Unreleased" CD

CD - $9.99

This album features Rare Remixes and unreleased songs from Trenton, NJ Hip Hop Group Poor Righteous Teachers, which is Comprised of Wise Intelligent, Culture Freedom, and Father Shaheed. They released Four albums during the Golden era of Hip Hop to mid 1990s with classic hits such as "Rock Dis Funky Joint", "Shakiyla (JRH)" and others. They were strongly known as a Pro-Black consciousness Hip Hop group.

Track Listing:

1. Can I Start This (Drummer & DJ Mix) 

2. Styles Dropped (UK Mix) 

3. Butt Naked (Remix)  

4. The Very First Time 

5. Holy Intellect (Can't Blend It) 

6. So Low (Remix) 

7. Steady Slangin (Project Mix)

8. Rock Dis Funky Joint (Croon) 

9. Word Is Bond 

10. Rock My Project 

11. Time To Say Peace (Northside) 

12. Name Brand Guns (Remix)  

13. My Sound (Remix) 

14. Word Is Bond (Acappella) 

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