Run Dmc "Tougher Than Leather" CD

Run Dmc "Tougher Than Leather" CD

After bringing their high-energy and innovative style and sound to the masses with RAISING HELL, RUN-DMC returned with a fabulous follow-up to that ground-breaking album. TOUGHER THAN LEATHER packs plenty of punch and also sports some classic tracks such as "Run's House" and "Beats to the Rhyme." In a move that had proved successful in the past, RUN-DMC chose a remake with "Mary, Mary." One of RUN-DMC's most popular songs to ever hit the streets, "Mary, Mary" provided the commercial pop sound that catapulted the boys from Queens to the top of the charts once again. Other exceptional tracks include "Radio Station," which lashes out at radio programmers, "I'm Not Goin' Out Like That," and the intriguing "Papa Crazy." TOUGHER THAN LEATHER is easily as good as any other RUN-DMC album.


  1. Run's House
  2. Mary, Mary
  3. They Call Us Run-D.M.C.
  4. Beats To The Rhyme
  5. Radio Station
  6. Papa Crazy
  7. Tougher Than Leather
  8. I'm Not Going Out Like That
  9. How'd Ya Do It Dee
  10. Miss Elaine
  11. Soul To Rock And Roll
  12. Ragtime

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