V/A "Disco Love 3" 2X Vinyl LP

V/A "Disco Love 3" 2X Vinyl LP

2X Vinyl LP - $21.99

Judging by some of the records I see changing hands for staggering sums of money though, it’s maybe not as easy as it looks. Perhaps seeing past the rarity of a record and actually liking something for its beauty rather than its value is the key. Perhaps being broke is a good position to be in after all. Whatever. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this album isn’t about me showing off my “collection” (despite the use of the word “rare” in the title), it’s simply my choice of as many good tracks as I can fit on a (LP), most of which I hope you’ll like as much as I do. That said, there would be no point in filling a (LP) with tracks that are obvious or particularly easy to find. So rest assured, you’ve saved a few bob, not to mention the hassle of hiding parcels from your wife when the postman comes, by buying this album instead of the individual songs.

As an added bonus, all vinyl conversion was carried out by Andrew Pirie, Glasgow’s answer to David Mancuso, but younger. And taller. With mastering duties by Lynn Petrin of Ebony Cuts. Germany’s answer to Herb Powers.” - Al Kent, October 2012

A1. Mighty Gents - Mighty Gents (Al Kent’s Edit)
A2. Bo Galigher TSB Inc. - Oh! Baby / Get On Down
B1. Sil Austin - Disco Lady (Al Kent’s Edit)
B2. Sandy’s Gang - Hungry
C1. Rhond Durand - Disco Fever Pt 3 (Al Kent’s Edit)
C2. Moses - Something About You (Al Kent’s Edit)
D1. Michael LeGrair & The Band That Played All Night - Hustle On Down (Al Kent’s Edit)
D2. Gregory Andre and Two Plus Three - I Want To Be With You (Al Kent’s Edit)

Type: Music

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