V/A "Tres Presents: Seis" CD

V/A "Tres Presents: Seis" CD

CD - $5.60

Fat Beats LA's DJ Lowkey, originally from NY, presents his tribute to Tres Records covering almost six recent years of material! Tres Records continues to drop heat and introduce new artists into underground stardom alongside the pre-existing roster of already dope signees on this amazing indie hip hop label. Featuring tracks by Lightheaded, Giant Panda, Blu, Shawn Jackson, Paten Locke, Ta'Raach, Y Society, Chikaramanga and more! Many of these tracks have only been on vinyl or download only so to have them on cd on this mix is extra nice!


1. DJ Alibi - 'Eglinton West Blues

2. Paten Locke - 'Funky Hit Record'

3. Shawn Jackson - 'First of All'

4. Co$$ & Fonetik Simbol - 'LA's Best' (feat. Shawn Jackson)

5. Big Tone - 'Broken Logos'??6. Y Society - 'Setting The Example'

7. DJ Alibi - 'Come Home'

8. New Jack Hustle - 'New Shades'

9. Headnodic - ' The Drive'

10. Giant Panda - 'Laser Ray'

11. C.R.A.C. - 'Chill'

12. Lightheaded - 'Surprise Cypher II' (feat. Sojourn,Sharlock Poems,Adam L,Surreal,& Sivion)

13. DJ Alibi - 'Don't Look Down' (feat. Bamboombox)

14. Ta'raach - 'Yeah!'

15. Lil Sci - 'Hit Me'

16. Paten Locke - 'Break Thru'

17. Y Society - 'Good Communication'

18. Giant Panda - 'GP Y'all'

19. Johnson & Johnson - 'Long Time Gone'

20. C.R.A.C. - 'Crachause'

21. Chikaramanga - 'Cool' (feat. Big Tone)

22. Y Society - 'How Many of Us? (Instrumental)'

23. Johnson & Jonson - 'That's That Jam'

24. Chikaramanga - 'T.R.E.S.Q. (Bonus Track)' (feat. ESQ)

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