Greenhouse Effect (Blueprint + Illogic)-Hello World Promo Video (Electric Purgatory Part 2)

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Greenhouse Effect recently dropped two great CDs, Electric Purgatory Parts 1 & 2. We've been playing them in the store lately and people keep asking, "What is this??".

This latest incarnation of Greenhouse Effect is stripped down to Blueprint and Illogic holding down vocals, with Blueprint also providing the powerful and fitting musical soundscapes. Part One features 6 tracks (including guest vocals from The Catalyst & Zero Star) plus the instrumentals for each track. Part Two is 7 tracks deep and features guest vocals from Aesop Rock & Toki Wright. Both volumes give a slight foretelling of Blueprint's upcoming Rhymesayers album, "Adventures In Counter Culture" (2011).

From the upcoming Electric Purgatory Part Two: Deconstructed DVD

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