Zach Bartel: Delusions of Grandeur

Posted on April 24, 2011 by Freightman and Donk | 0 Comments

Alive and well in Madison, WI, Designer/Sign Painter/Muralist/Fine Artist/Great Hairdo haver Zach Bartel has been captivating an audience at both a local and national level for some time now. From detailed paintings, to large scale murals, to clothing designs, his versatility is a testament to his outlook. As he states on his website, "I try not to anchor myself to any particular medium, and feel being versed in more than one medium allows for new creative avenues". Via his style of character make-up and technical linear composition, Zach has successfully created his own niche, a very formulaic and impressive one at that. His artistic intuition is backed by a complete educational background in which his attendance spanned across some of the most prestigious art and design schools in the country.
More of Zach's work can be seen here at

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