RedefineHipHop: Big Dad Of L.A. Posse Part 3 of 6!!

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 In Part 3 Big Dad speaks deeper on working with LL, the Deal with Def Jam and their eventually production deal with Atlantic Records. Some of the highlights include; He explains the scratches on the "Bigger And Deffer" album and how they were mostly done by DJ Bobcat with DJ Pooh doing the cuts on ".357 Break It On Down" and Cut Creator doing the cuts on "Doo Wop". He also breaks down how DJ Pooh came into the picture to work with them in NYC. This lead to some about discussions about the wild L.A. Posse apartment in Brooklyn. 

He gives the lowdown on The L.A. Posse structure and the difference between "L.A. Posse" and "L.A. Posse Productions". He shares some Def Jam tour stories. He explains the history of the L.A. Posse Records, the label that Mixmaster Spade put out records on, and how that had nothing to do with Muffla or himself and so they had put a stop to it. We end this segment talking about the lawsuit with Mikey D over The L.A. Posse name...

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