What's Next On The Menu: Blackbird Cafe Breakfast/Brunch

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Learn about the Apricot Chutney French Toast, Sourdough Pancake, French Fries, Hashbrowns, and Tofu Scramble at Blackbird!

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What's Next On The Menu: Mosaic Cafe's Baked Rosemary Garlic Fries!

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For a quick moment I just admired them, sitting in their metallic cylindrical encasing, fashioned with a vintage look courtesy a newspaper dressing...

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What's Next On The Menu: Little Tijuana ReOpens!

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Little T’s is a neighborhood icon with a loyal fan base, including myself, who had been missing its presence during the remodeling process that was a long time in the making. On Labor Day they had their first official opening...

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What's Next On The Menu (PILOT Part 1 & 2): Midtown Global Market (Sonora Grill & Salty Tart)!!

Posted on March 09, 2012 by Kevin Beacham | 0 Comments

It's really no secret that two of my greatest loves are Music and Food. I'm guessing that is a winning combination shared by many, which is the perfect reason why Fifth Element has been planning to add a Food Blog to our site for quite some time. It should also be said that the Rhymesayers/Fifth Element staff is made up of a crew that, perhaps surprisingly, is just about as well versed on food/cooking as we are on music. Quite often in a attempt to escape the reality of mounting impending deadlines looming over us, we break into in-depth conversations about restaurants, cooking, food trucks, recipes, and things of that tasty nature.

"What's Next On The Menu" is a new ongoing segment on the FE Blog that is dedicated to exploring great food, hidden treasure eateries, and the search for some of the best food in the Twin Cities and beyond! We'll share our experiences at restaurants from a customer perspective, we'll take you inside the kitchens of some top notch Chefs, we'll alert you of new restaurant openings, we'll pin-point hot spots for my fellow Vegetarians and Vegans, we'll give you recipe and ingredient tips, and eventually we'll show off our own cooking skills as well!!

The two segments below are from our Pilot filming session where we were testing some shooting styles, format techniques, talking points, and all that good stuff. We decided to share the experiment and prepare you for more! Check back soon to see "What's Next On The Menu"!

Pilot Part One: Intro + Sonora Grill (Midtown Global Market)

-Featured Sonora Grill Menu Selections:
Eggplant Tacos [Kevin]
Eggplant Fries [Kevin]
Elote Cilantro (Corn On The Cob rolled in cilantro aioli w/Peruvian Rice) [Skye]
Pork Guajillo Caramelo [Skye]

Pilot Part Two: Salty Tart (Midtown Global Market) + Outro

-Featured Salty Tart Menu Selections:
Carmel Apple Pie Buttercream Cupcake
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie
White Chocolate Millet Cookie

Conceived, Co-Hosted & Produced by Kevin Beacham
Co-Hosted & Co-Produced By Skye Rossi (Of Rhymesayers Entertainment)
Filmed, Edited, and Photos By Jonny Schiller

Additional Filming By Bill Mather








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What's Next On The Menu: Tao Natural Foods Remodel & Re-Opening!

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