DJ Andy Smith's"Jam Up A Twist" Box Set

DJ Andy Smith's"Jam Up A Twist" Box Set

7X 7 Inch Viny... - $49.99

On this deluxe 7 x 7 inch box set, Deano Sounds and DJ Andy Smith team up for a great compilation of 50s and 60s sounds including R&B Rockers, Rockabilly, Northern Soul and Sleazy Shakers, much like you would find at Andy's Jam Up Twist club night in the UK.

DJ Andy Smith is a well-known British DJ who spent many years DJing alongside Keb Darge at Madame JoJo's and also sourced samples for Portishead and the Prodigy. Deano Sounds is the head honcho of Cultures of Soul Records as well as a DJ and lover of rare soul and R&B.

Together here they have selected classic and exclusive tracks from their collections including the rare Northern soul track 'Ever Again" by Gene Woodbury, classic Rockabilly from Eddie Cash and Sonny West, a handful rare of R&B tracks - some of which were reissued here for the first time including Ernie Washington and Willie Jones, and many other great tracks. The 45 box set version comes in a heavy collectible case with 7 x 45s, an official Jam Up Twist club night poster, and a booklet on printed thick paper.

Track Listing:


Les Brown Jr. “Swingin' & Surfin'"

Gene Woodbury “Ever Again"


Eddie Cash “Doing All Right"

Sony West “Rock-Ola Ruby"


Reggie Perkins “High School Caesar"

Ray Sharpe “Monkey's Uncle"


Billy Nelson “Pack, Shack, And Stack"

Nappy Brown “Open Up That Door"


Big Mama Thornton “Wade In The Water"

Chuck Flamingo “What's My Chances"


Bobby King “Thanks Mr. Postman"

Ernie Washington “Lonesome Shack"


Willie Jones “Where's My Money"

Johnny Williams “Honey Child"

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