D.O.A. "F***ed Up Donald" (7 Inch Vinyl)

D.O.A. "F***ed Up Donald" (7 Inch Vinyl)

7" Vinyl - $7.99

NOW AVAILABLE ON RED VINYL WITH ALTERNATE COVER ART!!! Canada's punk pioneers D.O.A. know when to take a stand against bullshit. So that's why they came up with their instant new single F***ed Up Donald. Joey Shithead, the godfather of hardcore, recently said, "It did not take too long to realize that Donald Trump, with his anti-Mexican, anti-women, anti-people message, was just too much. You can dress-up a pig, but in the end you realize it's really just Donald Trump."

D.O.A. arranged a quick recording session with producer Cecil English (D.O.A., No Means No, Jello Biafra) and recorded this single in about fifteen minutes, a vitriolic take-off harkening to the band's '80s catalog. The now-released video has three million hits and counting-it just goes to show that you can't keep a good band down. A healthy dose of "gonna kick you in the ass" punk, coupled with real conviction, F***ed Up Donald confirms D.O.A. will never stop taking on real crap that affects the entire world.

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