Poldoore & Akshin Alizadeh "But I Do b/w Woman" 7 Inch Vinyl

Poldoore & Akshin Alizadeh "But I Do b/w Woman" 7 Inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $9.59

Two Cold Busted heavyweights have joined forces, fusing their respective most popular songs onto one fiery seven-inch single. Sparks indeed fly as prolific Belgian artist Poldoore contributes his soulful Š—“But I DoŠ—? while Akshin Alizadeh Š—– Cold BustedŠ—Ès man from Azerbaijan Š—– delivers the funky paean Š—“WomanŠ—?, both newly remastered for vinyl. Each one of these songs is approaching ten million YouTube plays, qualifying them as underground hits for these beat-obsessed producers. PoldooreŠ—Ès Š—“But I DoŠ—? begins with gentle organ and guitar chords that are chopped tight to the trackŠ—Ès groovy rhythm. Soulful female vocals, bluesy guitar riffs, and rousing keys make this one a bonafide end-of-night staple. Flip the wax for Š—“WomanŠ—?, Akshin AlizadehŠ—Ès spiritual cousin to the preceding cut, but with enough new grit and bonus funk to stand tall on its own. Jazzy horns, a handclap-driven drum track, swinging piano and organ, and melodic vocal phrases and drops conspire to get the dance floor in motion

Side A:

1) But I Do

Side B:

1) Woman

Type: Music

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