Defari "Defari Album Sampler" Cassette

Defari "Defari Album Sampler" Cassette

Cassette - $4.99

The newest member of the Likwit Crew is a "Bionic" emcee who has the skills that "Never Lose Touch." On his debut album "Focused Faily" he proves why he is the "People's Choice." 

Includes tracks from Defari's debut album "Focused Daily" featuring the Alkaholics, Xzibit & Evidence of Dilated Peoples.  

Track List:

Where I'm Going
A1) Intro
A2) Focused Daily
A3) Keep It On The Rise
A4) Likwit Connection
A5) 405 Friday's
A6) Never Lose Touch

Where I'm Been
B1) Big Up
B2) Just Business
B3) Business
B4) Bionic
B5) 3rd Degree
B6) People's Choice
B7) Change N'Switch
B8) Bottom Line
B9) Likwit Fusion
B10) Major League
B11) Handle Ur Bizness

Type: Music

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