Myka 9 & Factor "Famous Future Time Travel" Cassette

Myka 9 & Factor "Famous Future Time Travel" Cassette

Cassette - $12.99

Famous Future Time Travel is Myka 9 & Factor’s latest collaboration and the duo’s best work yet, with a banging and fresh West Coast hip hop feel. Myka 9 is a rapper and producer from Los Angeles, California and cofounder of the legendary hip hop crew, Freestyle Fellowship. Myka 9 has been bringing innovation and his dope skills to the world of hip hop for over two and half decades. Whether Myka 9 is snarling, scatting or singing into the mic, he is always delivering hot and clever lyrics in his signature jazz-influenced style. Factor Chandelier is a Saskatoon-based producer who started out as a DJ in 1998 and is now one of Canada’s most notable independent hip hop producers. Known for his distinct style and progressive beats, Factor is in-demand and prolific, having an impressive array of both solo and collaborative projects in his discography


1) FFTT Intro
2) Famous Future Time Travel
3) Fly Paper
4) One Time
5) Next Transpo
6) Stand Still
7) High Post
8) Not On Our Watch
9) Coastal feat. Paranoid Castle
10) Got It Get It
11) Cityscape
12) Skyscraper
13) Smoke Dance
14) Years

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