Bill Ortiz "Highest Wish" CD

Bill Ortiz "Highest Wish" CD

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A longstanding member of the Santana band, Bill Ortiz is proud to present his new full-length release titled Highest Wish. A follow up to his Š—“Winter in AmericaŠ—? EP released earlier this year, this new album project features conscious emcees such as Casual, The Grouch, Zumbi (of Zion I) and K-Maxx, as well as fellow Santana member (and 11 time GrammyÎÂ Award Winner) Tony Lindsey, and iconic poet/vocalist Linda Tillery, featured with a spoken word performance of Dr. Martin Luther King's Nobel Peace Prize speech.ξ



1. Ha-Ya (Means Life)

2. We Are What We Are (feat. Casual)

3. Highest Wish (feat. Zumbi)

4. Since You've Been Gone

5. Winter In America (feat. Tony Lindsay, The Grouch)

6. In Every Breath

7. I Still Believe (feat. Linda Tillery, Zumbi)

8. Word Play

9. Do Your Thing

10. Ease My Mind

11. Highest Wish (feat. DJ Sol Rising)

12. Don't Make Me Wait

13. Full Circle

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