Dirty Digital "Sodapopinski" CD

Dirty Digital "Sodapopinski" CD

CD - $2.00

At the helm of Dirty Digital is the emcee/production team of Qwazaar (Typical Cats) and Silence (Outerlimitz). Both artists have strong roots in Chicago's Hip Hop scene, and are now expanding those roots into places and sounds previously unexplored. Silence's production takes elements of electro, dance, and rock music, and if these got played at the club then people wouldn't know what hit 'em!

Track Listing;

  1. Sodapopinski (feat. GLC)
  2. Madonna
  3. Tila
  4. Sodapopinski (Jali remix)
  5. Madonna (Jali remix)
  6. Tila (Hey Champ DJs remix)

Type: Music

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