N.B.S. "The Smokefest" CD

N.B.S. "The Smokefest" CD

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Undeniable chemistry, street savvy storytelling, and an unbridled business acumen have secured a ravenous fan base for N.B.S. that defies borders and conventional wisdom. Focused on the personal and political intertwinings of a troubled life and big business, E'Flash and Vee Knuckles bounce between tempos and topics with a cohesion and chemistry that hasn't been seen since the work of A Tribe Called Quest.

Track Listing:

1. The Smokefest

2. Til The World End

3. Green Flag Gang

4. Perm Time

5. Booty Go

6. Fair 2 Say

7. That's Me

8. Last Lyricist Alive

9. Marley Tribute

10. Smiley

11. With The Pen

12. So High

13. Vices

14. Walter Payton

15. Outro

Type: Music

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