One-Derful! "The One-Derful Collection Volume 1" (Booklet + Download Card)

One-Derful! "The One-Derful Collection Volume 1" (Booklet + Download Card)

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The first installment of the One-derful! Collection focuses on the namesake imprint of this legendary Chicago label group Š—– to be followed by compilations of the Mar-V-Lus, M-Pac!, Halo, Midas, and ToddlinŠ—È Town sub-labels. It marks the first in-depth study of what was once one of ChicagoŠ—Ès most prominent African-American run labels.

Within the grooves of these 25 tracks lie orchestrated soul classics from McKinley Mitchell and Betty Everett, raucous mid-1960s R&B dancers from the Five Du-Tones which shake every bone, superb deep soul ballads from Otis Clay, and extraordinary group harmony sides from The Sharpees and The Admirations, plus 12 tracks that have never been issued!

Between 1962 and 1971, the One-derful! family of labels released 180+ 45s of stunning soul, funk, and gospel. Over two years of painstaking research and work, including countless hours spent cataloging, transferring, and mastering 250 of the labelŠ—Ès tapes, has contributed to an amazingly extensive reissue collection. In addition, some of the worldŠ—Ès leading experts have contributed liner notes and interviewed virtually every known surviving artist, producer, and otherwise involved party. In total, the six volumes of the One-derful!ξCollection include 12 LPs/6 CDs with 147 tracks, 57 which were never issued, and 144 pages of 12Š—? x 12Š—? liner notes stuffed full of rare and never before seen photos and memorabilia. Spanning 1962 to 1971, these compilations bring forth a wealth of overlooked and never before heard recordings and history.

  • ´ŽèFeatures 25 Rare & Unreleased Soul Tracks Circa 1962-1968
  • Features an Exclusive Linear Notes
  • Vinyl Includes Free MP3 Download

Track List:

1) Otis Clay - Got To Find A Way (alt version)

2) The Sharpees - The Sock

3) Joe & Mack - The Prettiest Girl

4) The Five Du-Tones - When You Get That Feeling

5) Lucky Laws - Who Is She

6) McKinley Mitchell - What Love Will Make You Do

7) Betty Everett - Please Love Me

8) The Sharpees - Take Me To Your Leader

9) The Rockmasters - A Wonderful Thing (Love)

10) Mary Silvers - Here Comes My Babyξ

11) Beverly Shaffer - Meet Me Halfway

12) Liz Lands - Seventh Hour

13) The Admirations - All For You

14) The Five Du-Tones - Shake A Tail Feather

15) The Sharpees - Do The 45

16) Otis Clay - Thank You Love

17) McKinley Mitchell - The Town I Live In

18) Liz Lands - I'm Guiltyξ

19) Betty Everett - Your Love Is Important To Me

20) The Five Du-Tones - Enjoy Yourself

21) McKinley Mitchell - Now That You're Gone

22) Jay Jordan - The Man Of The Town

23) The Admirations - Don't Leave Me

24) Beverly Shaffer - Happy Times

25) Otis Clay - A Lasting Loveξ


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