V/A "Brownswood Bubblers Seven" CD

V/A "Brownswood Bubblers Seven" CD

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Cant stop, wont stop our Bubblers series trundles cheerfully onwards with Gilles at the helm, curating the seventh volume in this fondly regarded set. Its a typically diverse selection of rough diamonds plucked from the stream of amazing music that winds its way through Brownswood HQ: UK beatnut Jon Phonics opens proceedings with a glittering 80s funk bomb; Tanya Auclair lays raw vocal harmonies upon sparse, rickety drum structures, nestling comfortably in the nook between the electronic and the organic; our own jazz prodigy Zara McFarlane draws inspiration from the late, great Harry Whitaker on Waking Sleep (Thoughts); and theres a nod to vintage Badu-esque soul via the effortlessly graceful Ntjam Rosie. Veering into hip-hop territory, Tall Black Guy, Chris Turner and Jesse Boykins (featuring MachineDrum on production duties) provide the requisite bump, whilst Cubic Zirconias Night Or Day finds Tiombe Lockhart and Bilal duetting on a deliciously loose-fitting techno jam. Bringing up the rear, Ratcliffe (half of UK institution Basement Jaxx) unleashes the sonic equivalent of a Hudson Mohawke / Aphex Twin collabo deranged hypercolour pop of the highest order.

Track Listing;

  1. Jon Phonics The One
  2. Tanya Auclair Thrum
  3. The Stepkids La La
  4. Stealing Sheep Shoot The Ducks To Win
  5. Zara McFarlane - (Waking Sleep)Thoughts
  6. Ntjam Rosie In Need
  7. Cleveland & Ahmed Sensitive
  8. Obenewa Make It Better
  9. Ivy Chanel Wind Blows (Samba/Soul Remix)
  10. Tall Black Guy Water No Enemy
  11. Chris Turner Liquid Love
  12. KING Heyξ
  13. Jesse Boykins B4 The Night Is Thru
  14. Cubic Zirconia Night Or Day feat. Bilal
  15. The Park Belleville
  16. Ratcliffe Mindset

Type: Music

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