V/A "The Rojac Story: The Best of Rojac & Tay-Ster"

V/A "The Rojac Story: The Best of Rojac & Tay-Ster"

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2X Vinyl LP - $13.30

Harlem's 116th Street was ground zero for Jack Taylor's network of enterprises, both legitimate and otherwise. From the 1960s into the 80s. Fat Jack, as Taylor was widely known on those mean streets, was one of Harlem s flashiest and toughest characters, allegedly a local drug kingpin. No matter what he may have been in the business of selling, it s a certainty that Taylor was a shrewd businessman who understood the value of diversification. Launching a record label was one of his many ventures, and not an unsuccessful one by any means. Around 1963, Taylor inaugurated Rojac Records, attempting to capture the musical pulse of Harlem on microgroove the way Berry Gordy was managing to perfection in the Motor City. No doubt the ultimate goal was to accrue stacks of benjamins by releasing a non-stop barrage of hits on Rojac and its sister Tay-Ster label. Rojac and Tay-Ster issued a steady stream of product through the latter half of the 60s. Taylor relocated his base of operations to Detroit at the end of the decade; after that, his labels went dormant for a while, though he intermittently reactivated them. This rarities-loaded collection offers proof positive that the Fat Man knew how to produce exceptional soul records.


Track Listing:

Disc 1:

  1. Nobody But You Babe - Clarence Reid
  2. (You're Trying To) Cop My Stuff - Kim Tolliver
  3. Lovin' Lies - The Third Guitar 
  4. I Want To - Little Jewel 
  5. Can You Dig It - Chico & Buddy
  6. This and That - Jo Armstead
  7. Skunks, Hogs and Dogs - Clarence Reid
  8. Are You Experience - Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTD
  9. Lucky Man - Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation 
  10. Nwanne, Nwanne, Nwanne - Aleke Kanonu Meets Tolbert The Miracle Man
  11. Down to the River - The Third Guitar 
  12. Don't Lose Your Groove - Lavell Hardy 
  13. Get in My Bag - Curtis Lee & The K C P'S
  14. Whip Ya - Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTD 
  15. I've Got It - Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation
  16. Give Me Another Joint - Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation
  17. Quittin' Time - Big Maybelle 
  18. Smash - Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation
  19. Whip You - Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTD
  20. Baby Don't Cry - The Third Guitar
  21. Driving Me to the Arms of a Stranger - Kim Tolliver 
  22. I Can't Wait Any Longer - Big Maybelle


Disc 2:

  1. Tuesday's Child - Kim Tolliver
  2. Something Special About My Baby - Clarence Reid
  3. You Turn Me Around - Wesley Paige
  4. Don't Pass Me By - Big Maybelle 
  5. Heaven Will Welcome You - Clarence Reid
  6. 96 Tears - Big Maybelle 
  7. What's My Chances - Chuck Flamingo & The Kansas City Playboys 
  8. Careless Love - Big Maybelle 
  9. I Love My Baby - International GTOs
  10. No Better for Ya - Jo Armstead
  11. It's Been Raining in My Heart - International GTOs
  12. I Wish It Were Me - Clarence Reid
  13. Love from the Far East - Master Four 
  14. Love Love Love - Chuck Flamingo
  15. Christmas in Vietnam - Private Charles Bowens & The Gentlemen From Tigerland
  16. Where Were You - Kim Tolliver
  17. Everybody's Going Wild - Curtis Lee & The KCP's
  18. Keep That Man - Big Maybelle
  19. Meet Me Halfway - Lillie Bryant
  20. Old Love Never Dies - Big Maybelle 
  21. I'll Try to Do Better - Kim Tolliver
  22. Better Days Are Coming

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